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I'm such a loser. I need to break this cycle.
Jungkook reminding us that he's forever awesome

first week!

wrong expectations hahaha but its OK. i thought it was gonna be super hard but its mainly after integration support we'll be doing. and i don't mind coz it gives me time to study this new technology i'll be working on. but please, im not gonna learn ruby or python. i get nasty headaches looking at the APIs and code snippets we use for integration. i really hope to survive.

i like the free food which is actually the reason why i accepted the job hahaha the chef prepares yummy healthy food for everyone. breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. no pork, no fried food. as in. they only serve beef, fish, chicken and veggies. plus fruits of course. nice noh?

i hope to post something more fun next time

moving on to kdrama land. Yong Pal ended last Thursday. i enjoyed it although there were a few slow episodes. now im super looking forward to the drama that will replace it on the Wed-Thurs spot which is The Village. it stars Moon Geun Young (welcome back to drama land!) and Yook Sunjae (oh baby im so proud of you!). im currently watching She Was Pretty and its actually nice. i still have a few i wish to watch (misaeng which i've started already, kill me heal me, etc). when will Six Flying Dragons start? thats another one to look forward to!   

moving on

moving on in sooooo many ways.

first of, i joined a new company. its a bit of a risky move for me but i'm doing it for free food! hahaha yeah, with the new company, we have a chef who prepares breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for everybody everyday of the week. tho the food is mostly european (coz half of the population in the office comes from there) its healthy. and its regular working hours. and its just in Makati. no dress code. as in come as you are. you'll see people wearing shorts most of the time. the office itself is in a penthouse and its not styled like a regular office where you are assigned a workstation and such. there, you stay where you want hahaha wish me luck!

and i think im ready to say goodbye already to someone. i wont elaborate. 

last week in kdrama land

busy with work during the week so I dedicated my weekend instead to watch currently airing dramas to keepup.

I Remember You
- Seo In Guk continues to amaze me as Hyeon in this series. It is written well and each of the cast has their own thing going on. I think I mentioned it already last time that its cool how the crimes they solve are somehow related to the past that Hyeon is trying to recall. We see tidbits of his memory coming back and finally confirmed that the lawyer is Min (his little brother that D.O.'s character took when they were kids). I am still waiting to confirm the identity of the medical examiner.

Scholar Who Walks the Night
- Sexy leading men. Thats all I can say. I never liked Changmin (DBSK) in his previous works but he's passable as the prince in this drama. Lee Junki and Lee Soohyuk are just so perfect in their roles you don't get to notice the others actually hehehe

The Time That I Loved You
- After episode 8, I am now again sailing the second ship. Deadly and I know it will sink but nobody can stop me from loving Cha Seohoo (hello Yoon Kyun Sang). I refuse to talk about it but now I'm kinda hating Won and Hana hahaha tbh, I might stop watching this coz its such a mess for me.

Oh My Ghost
- I like it more when Bong Sun is possessed by the ghost of Soon Ae. Really. She has such fun personality and it makes me laugh everytime she makes her moves on our lovable Sunwoo. The backstory slowly unfolds and its gets more interesting with each episode. I really like the dramas in tvN!

That's about it for me. I am still thinking about watching "Mask" but I dunno..  


kdrama fix

Sometimes, I stick to watching drama to get away from all the craziness brought about by crazy fans in the kpop world. So yesterday, I did some catching up and it was well worth it!

"Scholar Who Walks the Night"
Good story telling so far. I like the actors and the conflict in the story makes me look forward to the next episodes. Yeah...that's this coming week.

"Oh my ghost"
I think the title really is Oh My Ghostess but it doesn't make sense to me so I'll continue calling it as is hahaha The first two episodes really were not that fun for me but there's something that might come up in the coming episodes.

"I remember you"
I like Seo In Guk a lot so this is a big win for me. Loving the story and the actors. I like it that it keeps me guessing. Love it to the point that I rewatch previous episodes when I have some sort of new discovery from the more recent episodes hehehe This series made me look forward to Mondays =)

"The Time That I Loved You"
My lovely Ha Jiwon is superb as usual. I think the title is also The time that were not in love. Its so long and gives a negative vibe so  I prefer the other title hahaha Let me tell you why this is a winner in my books. It stars Ha Jiwon who is one of my favorites in the kdrama land. She's so pretty and so awesome. I like her personality off cam too. The male lead is Lee Jim Wook who seems to have a nice chemistry with Ha Jiwon, I watched "I need romance" and "Nine". He's cool in Nine. Then we have Yoon Kyun Sang. Pinocchio. I think the director was impressed with his acting from "Faith" that he brought Kyun Sang along with him in Pinocchio and now in this series. He appeared in episode 4 so I am just waiting for subbed episode 5 hehehe He looks so handsome!!! In the first 3 episodes, Myungsoo was there. He looked cool in my books and it was so nice watching him with Ha Jiwon. For some reason, it did not looked weird to me that he's younger. I think they actually looked good together.

I don't know why I torture myself by watching dramas that are currently airing. It's a good think I have a couple to watch from Monday to Saturday hahaha


Scholar Who Walks the Night

Recently finished watching the following:
- School 2015
- Producer
- Warm and Cozy

and currently watching
- I remember you
- Oh My Ghost

I've been looking for something to add to it and its just perfect timing that "Scholar Who Walks the Night" just aired the first episode. I am currently loading it and will watch in a few. Been thinking about watching "Mask", "Orange Marmalade" and "High Society". Maybe later on =)

I Remember You (aka Hello Monster)

"I Remember You" is top-billed by Seo In Guk and Jang Nara. Seo In Guk is Lee Hyun, a very good criminal profiler with a secret past. He was based in the US but went back to Korea to help solve some serial killings with Cha Ji An (Jang Nara) who is a detective in the police force. Ji An knows part of Lee Hyun's past and continues to pester him while being super irrirated over the fact that Hyun has a wicked toungue. Together, they solve crimes effectively and maybe...fall in-love. I'm pretty sure there's a love-line out there hehe

I've seen a few of Seo In Guk's drama like Reply 1997 (forever gonna love him with Eunji), High School King of Savvy, and The Masters Sun. He's a good actor considering he entered K-Ent as a singer. Oh yeah, he's a good singer. As for Jang Nara, I've only seen School 2013 and Mr. Baek (which I haven't finished watching).

So far, they have good chemistry. What really makes this series a win for me is the story itself. I look forward to watching the next episodes!

BTW, I Remember You replaced School 2015 in the Mon-Tues slot of KBS. Hehe In Guk replaces little bro Sungjae's drama. (yeah I just had to add that)

Oh My Ghost

Currently watching "Oh My Ghost". So far, two episodes has been aired. It's a rom-com from tvN. Let it be known that I love a lot of tvN productions and Oh My Ghost looks promising. Although the first two episodes might be a little boring for some coz of very little development but I am looking forward to this one. We can only expect great things from Park Bo Young, right?

Here's the cast and the plot (Taken from Wikipedia)
Park Bo-young as Na Bong-sun
Jo Jung-suk as Kang Sun-woo
Kim Seul-gie as Shin Soon-ae
Lim Ju-hwan as Choi Sung-jae
Park Jung-ah as Lee So-hyung
Shin Hye-sun as Kang Eun-hee
Kang Ki-young as Heo Min-soo
Choi Min-chul as Jo Dong-chul
Kwak Si-yang as Seo Joon[6]
Oh Ui-sik as Choi Ji-woong
--- as Jo Hye-young
Lee Dae-yeon as Shin Myung-ho
Lee Hak-joo as Shin Kyung-mo
--- as Fortune-teller in Seobinggo-dong
--- as Han Jin-goo

"Na Bong-sun has an extremely timid personality and low self-esteem, doesn't have any close friends, and is constantly getting reprimanded at her job as a restaurant sous chef. She also occasionally sees ghosts, thanks to a shaman grandmother. One day, Bong-sun gets possessed by a lustful virgin ghost named Shin Soon-ae. To make up for the lack of romance in her short life, Soon-ae is determined to seduce as many men as she can by possessing various women, and she finds the perfect vessel in Bong-sun.

Bong-sun's boss is arrogant star chef Kang Sun-woo, whom she secretly has a crush on. Sun-woo still hasn't gotten over an old girlfriend, but when Bong-sun seemingly gets rid of her shyness and suddenly changes into a confident, dynamic woman, she finally catches his eye."


I'm trying to keep track of the Kdramas I've watched. Here's my list

49 Days
A Gentleman's Dignity
Angry Mom
Arang and the Magistrate
Boys Before Flowers
Bride of the Century
Cheongdamdong Alice
Cheongdamdong Scandal
City Hunter
Coffee Prince
Dating Agency: Cyrano
Doctor Stranger
Dream High (season 1)
Empress Ki
Flower Boy Next Door
Flower Boy Ramyun Shop
Full House
Good Doctor
Hyde, Jekyll and Me
I Hear Your Voice
I Need Romance
I Remember You (currently airing)
Innocent Man
It's OK, That's Love
Jang Ok Jung
Kill Me, Heal Me
Lie to Me
Lovers in Paris
Marry Him if You Dare
Mary Stayed Out All Night
Masters Sun
Mischievous Kiss
Mr. Back
My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
My Name is Kim Sam Soon
My Princess
Oh My Ghost (currently airing)
Personal Taste
Plus Nine Boys
Pride and Prejudice
Protect the Boss
Reply 1994
Reply 1997
Rooftop Prince
School 2013
School 2015
Secret Garden
Shutup Flower Boy Band
Stairway to Heaven
Sungkyunkwan Scandal
That Winter, the Wind Blows
The Heirs
The King 2 Hearts
The Moon That Embraces The Sun
The Prime Minister and I
Vampire Prosecutor (season 1 and 2)
Warm and Cozy
What Happened in Bali
Winter Sonata
You're Beautiful
You Who Came from the Stars